Curriculum Vitae

A full CV can be downloaded here.


Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher, 2016-present

Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology, University of Sydney, 2015-present

Lecturer, School of Psychology, University of Sydney, 2012-2014

Vice-Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Psychology, UNSW, 2011-2012

Postdoctoral Fellow, Centre for Complementary Medicine Research, UWS, 2009-2010

Biostatistician, (Part-time)  Psycho-Oncology Research Group, University of Sydney 2008-2009


Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology), University of Sydney, 2010

Bachelor of Psychology (Hons I), University of Sydney, 2005

Higher School Certificate, St Aloysius College, 1998

Competitive Grants

Colagiuri, B. Something from nothing: how placebo effects are formed and maintained. Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award, 2016-2018 ($383,000).

Colagiuri, B. & Sharpe, L. RCTs on trial: how placebo effects could undermine double-blind RCTs. Australian Research Council Discovery Project, 2015-2017 ($295,000).

Colagiuri, B. Exploring placebo effects in RCTs. University of Sydney DVC/Research Bridging Support Grant, 2014 ($30,000).

Lovibond, P.F., & Colagiuri, B. The role of reward expectancy and reward availability in appetitive motivation. Australian Research Council Discovery Project, 2013-2015 ($268,000).

McGrane, J., Colagiuri, B., & Sharpe, L. The psychometrics of pain: a collaboration to improve pain assessment in clinical trials. UWA Research Collaboration Award, 2013 ($12,000).

Colagiuri, B. The placebo effect and its mechanisms. UNSW Vice-Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2011-2014 ($257,000).

Colagiuri, B. Extinction of placebo effects. UNSW Early Career Research Grant, 2012 ($15,000).

Colagiuri, B. A pilot RCT comparing acupuncture needling alone with acupuncture needling plus lifestyle advice for chronic low back pain. UWS Research Seed Grant, 2010 ($7,500).

Cheema, B.,  Colagiuri, B., Smith, C. The effects of acupuncture and instruction on exercise recovery in healthy young adults. UWS New Project Development Program Grant, 2010 ($5,000).

Dhillon, H., Butow, P., Colagiuri, B., Jensen, J., Jacquet, J., & Cox, K. Educating patients about chemotherapy and side-effects: What do nurses say? University of Sydney Cancer Research Fund Grant, 2009 ($40,000).


I serve as a reviewer for the Australian Research Council as well as an ad hoc reviewer for a variety of peer-reviewed journals, including: British Medical Journal; Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics; Cognition; Annals of Behavioral Medicine; Psychopharmacology; Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology; PLoS One; Clinical Trials; Psychology and Health; Frontiers in Psychology; Clinical Therapeutics; Pain Medicine

Society Memberships

Australian Learning Group

Society for Interdisciplinary Placebo Studies (SIPS)

Australian Psychological Society

Eastern Psychology Association (USA)

International Association for the Study of Pain

Psychonomic Society

Sydney Catalyst Translational Cancer Research

Sydney Neurosciences Network