psycho-oncologyCancer is a leading cause of death both in Australia and worldwide. Even in survivors, its diagnosis and treatment can cause enormous physical and psychological burden. Broadly speaking, research in psycho-oncology is concerned with the psychological effects of cancer and its treatment as well as behavioural factors that may affect cancer status. A key interest of mine in this area is the extent to which expectancies can predict chemotherapy-induced side effects, particularly nausea, with the aim of developing interventions that reduce the burden of these adverse symptoms and thereby improve patients’ quality of life. Other interests include the effects of cancer and its treatment on sleep quality and methods of assessing cancer patients’ subjective wellbeing.

Some recent publications in this area include:

Colagiuri, B., Dhillon, H., Butow, P. N., Jansen, J., Cox, K., & Jacquet, J. (2013). Does assessing patients’ expectancies about chemotherapy side effects influence their occurrence? Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 46: 275-281. ↓pdf

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Colagiuri, B., Christensen, S., Jensen, A. B., Butow, P., Price, M., & Zachariae, R. (2011). Prevalence and predictors of sleep difficulty in a national cohort of Danish women with primary breast cancer. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 42: 710-720  ↓pdf

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Colagiuri, B., Roscoe, J.A., Morrow, G.R., Atkins, J.N., Giguere, J.K. & Colman, L.K. (2008). How do patient expectancies, quality of life, and post-chemotherapy nausea interrelate? Cancer, 113: 654-661. ↓pdf

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