Louise Bezzina

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Extinction and Renewal in Pavlovian-Instrumental Transfer for Food-Seeking Behaviour

Honours Student, 2014

School of Psychology, University of Sydney


My honours project explored how cues paired with food influence food-seeking behaviour in humans. It tested whether Pavlovian-Instrumental Transfer could be attenuated by extinction and the extent to which the effect of extinction was context dependent.

Since completing honours in 2014 I have been working at the Brain and Mind Center. I am currently working on the Stepping Stones Triple P project, which involves the implementation of an positive psychology based intervention to support families who have a child with a developmental disability.



Bezzina, L., Lee, J. C., Lovibond, P. F., Colagiuri, B. (2016). Extinction and renewal of cue-elicited reward-seeking. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 87: 162-169. ↓pdf


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