Nicky Quinn



The importance of placebo processes in the experience of nausea

PhD, 2013 to 2016

School of Psychology, University of Sydney


Nausea is a complex and widespread problem that is caused through a multitude of pathways of which many are poorly understood. It has been proposed that the placebo effect may be able to account for the cause or worsening of nausea in many patient populations. Within placebo expectation, both instruction and conditioning have been found to predict the severity and frequency of nausea in laboratory and clinical demonstrations, but many of these have been undertaken in different areas of research and are poorly integrated. My PhD explored the formation and reduction of expectation for nausea by integrating instruction and conditioning to create a holistic perspective of its development. Although the project focused on these mechanisms in healthy participants using vestibular stimulation, we hope that these findings can eventually be applied clinically in the chemotherapy or postoperative context to reduce nausea in patient populations.

Publications (from PhD and associated work)

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